'I am She' the album, written over a period of six years, ​is a reflection of life, with all its

ups and downs, a memoir of time and space.  An eclectic mix of r&b music, a fusion of jazz, reggae and soul.

If you search music via iTunes, listen music via Spotify, you'll find the album "I Am She" on all of your top streaming services, which ever takes your fancy.

One genre cannot describe my flow, as my personality cannot be described in one word, these are words after all.  The album is a movement, documenting life with all its highs and lows. A record and diary of moments in time, clips of emotions, snippets of reality, chunks of magic which can only be experienced having lived life and feeling the need to express myself.

Songwriting is my outlet, my therapy, my voice allowing me to release and move on. One cannot remain stagnant holding on to pieces of history of a bygone era, life is to be grasped, experienced, a continual flow, ever-changing and so 'I Am She' reflects this process.

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Photography by David Cleary


"I Am She" is a studio album, recorded in 2007, at Temple Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. The album is an eclectic mix of Pop, Reggae, Soul & r&b music.