Hugz 'n' Kisses

My debut self-published novella, originally released on iBooks for Mac and iPad in March 2015, now available on Kindle.​​

Birmingham, 1993

If only for the love that Lynn Connor had for the beast now, towering before her, venom spewing from his lips, screaming at the top of his lungs, she would gladly die.

There were only three things Lynn held dear, her sweet one year old daughter Tamara and Kevin Best. Now there was another child, the one she shielded protectively with her arm, as Kevin vowed to kick the child out of her. As she begged him with her eyes, begged him to spare their unborn child, she knew instinctively that this was the end. If he didn't kill her, he would surely walk out of her life. 

Kevin grabbed her by the collar of her cheap pink blouse."You get rid, do you hear me! If I so much as hear a peep out there about you and that child, I'll kill you both". 

Saved by the sound of police sirens blaring outside, Kevin composed himself, smoothing down his hair, wiping the spit from his lips and chin. He took a peek behind the nets. Police stepping out of a meat wagon and kicking the door off a house across the street. Kevin breathed a short, sharp, sigh of relief and again turned to Lynn's helpless frame cowering in the corner of the tatty little kitchen.

'Please Kevin, we can work this out'. Lynn, a little braver, raised onto her knees begging at his feet.

Kevin pulled his feet away and crouched down to Lynn's eye level. 'We? There ain't no we. I'm a married man, you're a married woman. I've got a daughter I have. I live up the road on a nice quiet street with decent respectable people around me. Decent life, I've got. You belong here, in this shit hole, with the scum of the earth. You're a whore who deserves to live in squalor.'

He spat in her face before snatching up his keys from the floor and stalking out of the flat, out of her life for good.

Lynn frozen to the spot, her mouth open but no sound. Tears falling but the wailing amiss as if the sound had been turned down. She gripped her belly for dear life. She rocked back on her feet and sat down heavily, gasping for breath.