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Marketing tips for creatives.


Digital Marketing for Creatives
Marketing yourself as an independent/freelance creative whether you’re a film maker, music maker, app developer or author, may seem like a major task especially if you’re not sure where to start.
You want to make a good living from your craft and why shouldn’t you? It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

Turning your Passion into your living.
Here’s the thing, you may describe yourself as

a hobbyist, secretly knowing that your heart’s

desire is to live every day crafting and

creating but then what?  Trying to balance

the day job and put time and effort into your

craft, running a home, family commitments,

it can all seem like too much and so your

dream, your passion is reluctantly pushed

to one side.  You may be freelancing and

finding it hard to compete, battling to get

your work noticed and sold.

There is one major obstacle between your “passion” and generating an income from your creations and that’s marketing. Often creatives don’t want to have to deal with the business side of their creativity. With the biggest question being “How do I promote myself?”

Once you have your completed work of art, you really need to remove your creative smock and swap it for your business head, the very next step must be to get your work out there.  There is no point in putting your blood, sweat and tears into a project if no one is going to see or hear your efforts. You know you need sales and marketing tips and guidance and great marketing ideas but where do you get them from?

Digital Marketing for Creatives (dmC) is your go-to site for marketing tips, advice and guidance and great marketing ideas. 
No jargon, no hype, no hassle.

You've invested all your time and energy in creating

and you simply want to be able to turn your passion

into yourlivelihood. So here’s the good news, You

can and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or be

all time consuming. Marketing yourself and your

art is a crucial step in gaining an audience and

generating an income. 

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​Marketing tips

  • How to build an audience and generate sales

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